Legends Class Wave 1 Bumblebee is an Autobot that can be transformed into a yellow and black striped 1976 Chevrolet Camaro. It is a very simple toy, that has an extremely complex design, yet this Bumblebee does not replicate the movie's robot mode very well. It has a lack of articulation, detail, and has very "crappy" paint application.  It has a back window engraved in the rear, but it is not painted, and the black stripes continue down over it, showing that there wasn't much effort put into it.On the flip side, he is inexpensive, and fits in your pocket with ease, which is perfect for young children. 1/5 STARS



Legends Class Wave 1 Barricade is the smallest transforming version of the character, who features a limited amount of flexibility and detail. He transforms into a black Ford Mustang Saleen S281E Police Cruiser. Surprisingly, compared to other figures, Barricade is quite similar to his deluxe figure, and is quite movie accurate. This Barricade is also able to have his grill flip down and fill in he lower torso and raise the chest higher, which is not included in the instructions.


300px-Movie Legends Jazz toy

Legends Class wave 1 Jazz is a rather small version of the character